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Stik N Stuk®

A socially and environmentally conscious female owned and operated creative print shop and art studio working with customers to produce unique & eco-friendly ECOSTIKSfor promoting, branding and retail. 🔥

Creators of the EcoStik™!

Eco-friendly, unique, innovative custom stickers and patches. Upcycled from plastic water bottles using Repreve® fabric.


EcoStiks are the ONLY stickers, patches, labels and displays UPCYCLED from material made from RECYCLED water bottles.

Get Stiky with us!

Why is an EcoStik™ better than a traditional sticker, patch, or label?

❥ The ONLY sticker, patch or label made from Repreve®, a fabric upcycled from recycled plastic water bottles NOT toxic vinyl or single use plastics

❥ Printed with eco-friendly inks, colorful, waterproof & durable

❥ Super Stiky including yoga mats, helmets, surfboards, snowboards, vases, bottles, hats, and...

❥ Fully customizable, including photographs!

❥ Artisan crafted with sustainable practices and love

❥ Rooted in community, protecting the environment and dedicated to bringing awareness to single use plastics

💥 All that power in one EcoStik™!


We work with brands, nonprofits, clubs, museums, event coordinators, wineries, breweries, artists and organizations to create UNIQUE EcoStiks™. Logos, customized art, displays and/or photographs - we can get you stiky!

Blank EcoStiks™ for your next event!

Blank EcoStiks™ are ideal for entertaining both kids and adults alike. Distribute them at corporate events or retreats, wine and beer tastings, weddings, parties, kids camps, schools, as gifts or to display your own unique art!


Stik N Stuk works with Surf Soul SIsters Artist Collective, a platform for female artists dedicated to surfing, the environment, creativity, family and community. Contact Surf Soul Sisters Artist Collective if interested in being part of their community.

Tell Us Why You Love #EcoStiks

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but they are thicker, nicer and much more sophisticated than I expected! There's a lot of art in them. Highly recommended!


I love this sticker so much. It beautifully & simply sums up my feeling for the earth. The fact that it was created by a local artist & uses sustainable materials just makes it perfect. I have one on my car & one on my day pack. I want more of them because they totally represent me.


I love these stickers, they can go on anything. Yoga mats, water bottles, cars, hats, backpacks, wetsuits.... I love the designs and their messages!