A Collaborative Studio Amplifying the Arts, Community, Sustainability and Adventure

Funk Zone - Santa Barbara, California

About StikNStuk® Creative Studios

This Is What We Do

Located at 118 A Gray Avenue, in Santa Barbara California’s Funk Zone in an iconic brick warehouse next to the silo, this new creative and incubator multi-use space is the brainchild of Stik N Stuk co-owners Julie Schneiderman and Jon Bowers whose aim is to bring more art back into the funk zone with an emphasis on sustainability and upcycling.

StikNStuk Creative Studios

Sustainable Art and Self-Expression

Building a Community

The creative studio houses a co-op of art and sustainability driven forward endeavors, including Stiky Studios, upcycled and sustainable art; Stiky Artisan Goods, upcycled and sustainable retail goods; Stiky Productions, sound and multimedia lab; EcoStiks print shop, sustainable and upcycled custom stickers; and Stiky Green Events, events celebrating artistic self-expression and the building of community.

What's Happening?

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