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We are very excited to announce our partnership with the CYCL app!

CYCL helps to shine a light on restaurants participating in eco-friendly business practices that are focused on reducing waste, and are actively participating in sustainable practices. For anyone trying to help their planet one small act at a time, or even looking to have a guilt free night out, the CYCL app is an absolute must, providing you information that can otherwise be hard to track down. With CYCL, you will be a part of a collaborative community focused on providing reviews of restaurants based on their sustainability efforts, and here at StikNStuk, we know that your action can make all the difference. 

The CYCL community strides for the reduced use of plastic containers, styrofoam cups, and single-use utensils. According to Surfrider, plasticware and styrofoam are the most commonly found items at beach cleanups. This makes supporting restaurants that choose to serve food responsibly all the more important. For more about the CYCL app go here

If the CYCL mission to reduce single use plastic in the restaurant scene interests you, consider taking part of the Surfrider Ocean Friendly Restaurant Program. The program is dedicated to supporting restaurants that have made the active choose to avoid completely the use of plastics and styrofoam take-out boxes. If you find a restaurant participating there, you can feel good about your orders going to a community taking a stand against plastic pollution one take-out container at a time!

Promoting sustainability is a big part of who we are at StikNStuk, from our environmentally friendly materials to the progressive people at our side. To us, it is important to support other organizations that feel the same about the environment, for it is up to US—I’m looking at YOU—to be the change. Join us in helping to protect the environment. The environment needs a voice—and it’s ours!