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Creating whatever I download from the Greater Good. 


Acrylic, canvas, wood, body paint, buildings, trucks, spray paint, pretty much anything I can get my hands on.


I like to think of myself as a “recycler” or a “salvager” of life experiences. When I  endure something, (whether it negative, hard, sad, depressing), I extract the opportunity from it, heal through it, use that for inspiration to create, and then give it back to the world more beautifully. I hope to show others that there is always opportunity, in all circumstances, to grow and reconnect to our childlike selves for creativity in all things. Same applies with positive, wonderful, flowing experiences. Nature, the ocean, surfing, and animals are truly the cornerstone of my life and all I do, all I see, and the love I feel. Nature truly is the mother, especially for me. I recently became a mother on September 14, 2020, to my son who was said to be “impossible” and since his birth, my life, my mission, and my new bond to womanhood, truly come alive. I am a motherless daughter that is finally leaning into womanhood for the first time ever. Understanding exactly how powerful and beautiful woman hood, and motherhood really is, has awakened me on a wild  level.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein


Alison Kasyjanski-Soens


Whimsical layers inspired by our beautiful planet


Mixed Media


Raised by the Atlantic ocean and presently living along the Pacific coast, nature has always held a strong place in my heart. I am inspired constantly by the beauty seen on this planet and the wonder of what lies beyond our universe. My respect for all life has been present in my art from a very young age. The freedom of getting lost through color and lines brings me down to a safe welcoming place. The ability to share my works with others and leave a positive impression is my greatest delight.

“No rules in art”

Demi Boelsterli


Contemporary expression & Abstract


Paint, screen print & video edits


Born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA. 29 year old Demi Boelsterli is a self taught artist. Demi enjoys a vast variety of mediums, a multidisciplinary artist. Including painting, videography, poetry, photography, collage, and digital works. She has been creating consistently for nearly 10 years with no plan of stopping. Demi has been shown in dozens of group and solo shows throughout California, as well as having work publicly displayed in Tokyo, Japan. She has sold works across the country to musicians, designers and collectors.

“Have fun”


Alex Grant


Graphic design, tattooing


Paint, screen print & video editsAlex is a New York native who traveled for 10 years living and learning in Italy, Tbilisi, New Orleans, Spain, and California. Inspired by nature, plants and the cosmos she’s always been an artist but 5 years ago she started creating living art through healing and ritual tattooing. Symbols in others skin and deep listening has been healing for her and her clients and this passion quickly became a successful career which enabled her to travel and connect with so many beautiful people. Wanting to expand further she took a course in graphic design and marketing from Katy Melendez in New York and started working in logo design and graphics. Passionate surfer, skater, hiker, vegan, and animal lover she is now about to embark on her biggest adventure yet - transforming from maiden to mother. 


Anna Dulaney


Feminine Form & Natural Landscapes


Pen, Ink, Watercolor & Foil


Iʼm an artist and graphic designer from NorthCarolina, now living life in beautiful SantaBarbara, CA. Iʼve been making art and running around the forest for as long as I can remember, painting, drawing and playing to the sounds of nature. I most recently began work creating Loud Flower Art Co. here in town - a creative studio selling goods that spark deeper conversations about issues our society and planet are facing today. I hope to keep the artistic energy flowing by amplifying the voices of others and celebrating our interconnected creativity.

“Community is everything”

Julie Schneiderman Founder of StikNStuk


Expressionism, Art that Heals, Art for Change, Found Art


Collage, Drumming, Surfing


A single mom of two amazing kids, with a love of surf and passion for the ocean, Julie discovered her body and surfboard were tools and began to consider how physical objects when manipulated could be used for self expression, processing, healing and community. Empowered by this belief, she expanded this concept in her life to include multiple genres.  She quit her job in corporate law, started playing the drums, creating collages, and had the vision for StikNStuk with the belief that you are never too old to live your passion, art heals, inspires, transforms, brings people together and can be used for good and spread love.

“Be Wild”