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At Stik N Stuk

We are creative collaborators at heart

We are looking forward to working with you to create custom EcoStiks and Backing Cards. If you have any ideas or product concepts that you might think are outside the box - we love those too!

Let's Create!

How Our Custom and Creative Process Works

When it comes time to create a custom EcoStik for your company, organization, event, team, friends, family or to promote your own artwork, Stik N Stuk makes it easy. 

1) Contact us with your creative idea(s)!

2) Use these basic guidelines as your template - but know we can get even more creative. 🔥 See custom art guidelines and card guidelines here.

4) We will review with you your ideas, art and/or photographs and provide pricing and a proof for your approval.

3) Once approved, we will send an invoice for payment and begin production.

4) Your custom EcoStiks and/or Backing Cards will be delivered!

Featured Brand EcoStik



Custom Process

CYCL app, CEO Vivianne Mai, reached out to SNS for custom PatchStik to distribute to restaurants participating in their CYCL app program. These custom PatchStiks can be found on door fronts of restaurants making a eco-conscious difference in the way people consume. SNS is honored to be part of the CYCL app community!

Featured Non-Profit EcoStik


Bay Area Creative Foundation

Custom Process

Melissa McLane, Development Director of the Bay Area Creative Foundation, reached out to SNS to develop a custom EcoStik and backing card to honor young artists participating in their program and highlighted on their live streamed 2021 celebration! Thanks for reaching out Melissa - SNS is stoked to be able to help promote creativity in our youth!

Featured Artist EcoStik and Backing Card

Alison Kasyjanski-Soens, artist and graphic designer uses her custom PatchStiks and backing cards to promote, market, sell and distribute her work in a unique, eco-friendly, and accessible format.

Raised by the Atlantic ocean and presently living along the Pacific coast, nature has always held a strong place in her heart. She is inspired constantly by the beauty seen on this planet and the wonder of what lies beyond our universe. The ability to share my works with others and leave a positive impression is my greatest delight.

“No rules in art”



Featured Pet PatchStik

Chive is Stik N Stuk's printing mascot and all around happy go lucky goofball. He makes a stunning model for our photograph EcoStiks. Chive's favorite past time is rocking the beach with all his friends.

Featured Community Organization EcoStik

Community Organization

Girls on Board

Custom Process

Girls on Board Co-Founder and SNS artist, Alison Soens, founded Girls on Board as a community of women and non-traditional skaters who organize regular group skate meet ups. She reached out to SNS to create custom EcoStiks to highlight the organization and as fundraising tool to fund a collection of loaner boards, pads, and other skate equipment for use at community skate meet ups. SNS is stoked to be part of organizations that support community!

Pricing and Important Details


10-50= $7/EcoStik

51-99 = $5/EcoStik

100-249 = $5/EcoStik + 5% discount

250-500 = $5/EcoStik + 10% discount

501-999 = $5/EcoStik + 15% discount

1000 EcoStiks = $5/EcoStiks + 20% discount

*plus applicable taxes and shipping

If you would like a collaborating artist to design - hourly rate as determined by artist

$75/hour design fee for SNS graphic designer if needed

10 EcoStik minimum

 one week or under to deliver


Printing and Assembling fees: 

10-19 cards = $40

20-49 cards = $55

50-99 cards = $100

100 = $120+

*plus applicable taxes and shipping

If you would like a collaborating artist to design - hourly rate as determined by artist

$75/hour design fee for SNS graphic designer if needed

10 card minimum

one week or under to deliver