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Stik N Stuk  is a woman owned grassroots print shop that works with Partners to produce unique, creative, artisan and eco-friendly products used to promote and support brands, non-profits, events, artists, photographers, musicians, adventurers and community.  Originally inspired by the love of surf and self expression, Stik N Stuk has evolved into a creative print shop and think tank to amplify and give voice to our Partners and creating community.

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Inventors of the EcoStik

Stik N Stuk is the inventor of the EcoStik, eco-friendly, unique & innovative thick stickers that really Stik! Made from recycled water bottles and fully customizable for passionate people and building community.  ♻️ 🏄‍♀️ 🧘🏿 🎶 🚙

What is a EcoStik?

EcoStiks were invented out of our desire to think outside the box and do things differently. To move away from the status quo.

EcoStiks are Eco-frienldy, Unique and Innovative.

They stick like a sticker but they have the look, feel and thickness of a fabric patch.  They are thick and the “face” is derived from fabric made from recycled water bottles - not vinyl or plastic.  Because of our unique material and process - the art and photography are more vibrant and easily customizable!

How to #Stikit!

1. Peel 2. Place* 3. Stik! *Can permanently stik to any surface such as surfboards, skateboards, snowboards, water bottles, helmets, car windows, bags, yoga mats...