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Stik N Stuk®  is a woman owned grassroots print shop and art studio that works with Partners to produce unique, creative, artisan and eco-friendly products used to promote and support brands, non-profits, events, artists, photographers, musicians, adventurers and community.  Inspired by the love of surf, self expression, and the ocean, Stik N Stuk has evolved into a creative print shop and think tank to amplify and give voice to our Partners and create community.

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What is an EcoStik™?

EcoStiks™ are eco-friendly, unique & innovative stickers, patches, labels and displays that really Stik! The “face” of an EcoStik is upcycled using Repreve® fabric - not toxic vinyl or plastic. 

Why is an EcoStik™ better than a traditional sticker, patch, or label?

The “face” of an EcoStik is upcycled using Repreve® fabric made from recycled water bottles NOT toxic vinyl or single use plastic. 

They are made with eco-friendly inks and printed in small batches, implementing low environmental impact processes.

Our unique material and process ensures that the art and photography is more vibrant and unique.

We are socially and environmentally conscious, continually innovating our practices and working with partners to highlight the environmental impact of single use plastics.

We care and love our planet and communities.

How to #Stikit!

1. Peel 2. Place* 3. Stik! *Can permanently stik to any surface such as surfboards, skateboards, snowboards, water bottles, helmets, car windows, bags, yoga mats...