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We believe little waves make big waves!

Stik N Stuk is a woman owned grassroots print shop that produces eco-friendly products to amplify the world’s most meaningful messages. Originally inspired by our love of surf, expression and community, witnessing the effects of the pandemic and political division, we knew we needed to be so much more than just another sticker company.

We’re an all female pack of artists and activists who believe in spotlighting injustice and forging a path for equality and togetherness.

What is a PatchStik?

PatchStiks were invented out of our desire to think outside the box and do things differently. To move away from the status quo.

PatchStiks are an innovative and eco-friendly hybrid between a sticker and a patch. 

They stick like a sticker but they have the look and feel of a patch.  They are thick and the “face” is derived from fabric made from recycled water bottles - not vinyl or plastic.  Because of our unique material and process - the art and photography is more vibrant and easily customizable!

We Stik A Difference

There’s three equally juicy parts to what we do.

There are three equally juicy 🍊 parts to what we do:

1. Our online shop, Etsy and Pinterest sites are the result of working with an array of talented female art activists and artists. We love pretty art. But we’re total suckers for art with meaning behind it.

2. We customize! Stik N Stuk works with brands, nonprofits, clubs, museums, event coordinators, wineries, breweries, artists and organizations to print logos and/or customized art or photographs.

3. We promote and support creativity with our Blank Canvas PatchStiks. Offered in both regular and mini size these PatchStiks can be used at art parties, kids camps and schools, or for your best friend! Let your inner creativity shine! 🎨