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StikNStuk is getting Stiky with

brands, wineries, breweries, event coordinators, nonprofits, community organizations, musicians, artists, photographers, pet lovers....

We are here to help you and/or your organization get its message out!

EcoStiks™ have been used as donor gifts, prizes, employee gifts, conference giveaways, fundraising tools, wedding and events decor, birthday parties, wine labels, artist and musician merchandise, school photos, and photography displays....

Contact Us and let's get Stiky!

CYCL EcoStik™

CYCL app, CEO Vivianne Mai, reached out to SNS for custom EcoStiks™ to distribute to restaurants participating in their CYCL app program. These custom EcoStiks™ can be found on door fronts of restaurants making a eco-conscious difference in the way people consume. SNS is honored to be part of the CYCL app community!

Invoca Academy EcoStik™ and Backing Card

Stik N Stuk worked with Invoca's marketing team to create custom Invoca Academy Scholar EcoStik badges and backing cards to congratulate program participants.

Unique and innovative, these badges take the sticker concept and add an eco-friendly, artisan, custom feel - expressing to their participants just how appreciated they are.

We love working on projects like these, creating EcoStiks that help spread gratitude. Who doesn't want to be rewarded for their hard work? Nice work Invoca! 🔥

Airship Ecostik™

What a fun and creative project working with Airship. Stik N Stuk created custom mini-EcoStiks™ to brand retro fanny packs Airship showcased at The Aviation Festival of the Americas. We ❤️ our creative customers!

Women's Economic Ventures (WEV) EcoStik™

Stik N Stuk was honored to be selected as a table Ambassador for Women's Economic Venture's (WEV) annual fundraiser. We created these custom EcoStiks for vases as part of our table display - a floral arrangement created in partnership with Emma Rose Floral. Thank you Emma! 🙏

WEV is dedicated to creating an equitable and just society through the economic empowerment of women. WEV provides training, advisory services, and loans to help entrepreneurs start, grow, and thrive in business.

Santa Barbara Photo Style EcoStik™

Stik N Stuk worked with Monica Montigney of Santa Barbara Photo Style to create custom EcoStiks of her Santa Barbara landscapes collection. Now sold in hotels, stores, coffee shops and on her website

Bay Area Creative Foundation EcoStik™ and Backing Card

Stik N Stuk worked with the Bay Area Creative Foundation to create custom EcoStiks™ and Backing Cards to be distributed in gift baskets in honor of young artists participating in their program and highlighted on their live-streamed 2021 awards celebration!

Save the Date EcoStik™

This was a fun project for Stik N Stuk! We worked with our customers to customize their Save the Date invitations. We created a unique Save the Date custom photo EcoStik to be applied to a cocktail shaker as part of their larger invitation complete with glasses, napkins and all the fixin's. Wedding pre-party... 🍸 🍸 🍸 🍸

Troika Wines EcoStik™

Family owned and operated, Troika Wines produces small-batch handcrafted fine wines, which are sourced from the best vineyards in Sonoma, Napa Valley, and Mendocino County. We had fun making these EcoStiks for Troika Wines. We are looking forward to working on labels for their next batch!

Demi Boelsterli EcoStik™

Stik N Stuk worked with Demi to create several different custom EcoStiks with her art. We liked this pic sent by a friend - customizing her vase with Demi's art EcoStik to personalize a table setting for a backyard bbq.

Demi enjoys a vast variety of mediums and is a multidisciplinary artist, including painting, videography, poetry, photography, collage, and digital works. Demi has been shown in dozens of group and solo shows throughout California, as well as having work publicly displayed in Tokyo, Japan. She has sold works across the country to musicians, designers and collectors.

“Have fun”


GroundSwell Community Project EcoStik™ and Backing Card

Stik N Stuk is extremely excited about this collaboration with the Groundswell Community Project, an international organization that provides surf therapy for women and their communities that have experienced trauma and its mental health effects. 

We loved this pic with our EcoStik on a surf board (that's how we use them too!) creating inspiration in the ocean. They really do Stik and are a fun, creative and eco-friendly way to customize your board! 🏄‍♀️


Five Seasons Functional Medicine EcoStik™

Five Seasons Functional Medicine offers a different approach to health, with methodology and tools that are specifically designed to address modern stressors while focusing on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

Five Seasons placed their custom EcoStiks™ in their welcome packets as a gift to their patients. 🛍️

Anna Dulaney EcoStik™

Anna Dulaney is an artist and graphic designer using the feminine form and natural landscapes as inspiration with pen, ink, and watercolor and foil as her mediums. She began work creating Loud Flower Art Co. - a creative studio selling goods that spark deeper conversations about issues our society and planet are facing today. I hope to keep the artistic energy flowing by amplifying the voices of others and celebrating our interconnected creativity.

“Community is everything”



Dopamine FX EcoStik™

Our friends at Dopamine FX rocking their custom EcoStik.
Dopamine FX is a local Santa Barbara based company. Their team is all about sharing their passion for functional health and integrated wellness with their clients. 🔥

Check them out

PK Solutions Group EcoStik™

Stik N Stuk appreciates this special shout out from Patrick Kagan, President at PK Solutions Group and Certified Professional Consultant.  

“Thank You Stik N Stuk. What a great way to introduce my re-branded company, new logo, & new website! Made the re-launch BADASS!!!! Everything & everyone became my mobile billboards!

The timing or Stik N Stuk’s solution was perfect, as it coincided with the live launch or our new website today. Stik N Stuk is my new go to!”

Thank you Patrick! 💥

Stik N Stuk enjoyed this custom EcoStik collaboration and being part of your re-branding and launch.  We look forward to working with you and excited about more creative projects to come!

Homemade Wears EcoStik™

Homemade Wears is a clothing brand that creates new looks from old/damaged clothing while finding creative ways to connect to nature and each other.  Through upcycled clothing Homemade Wears explores humanity and connection to the earth through recycled clothing and creativity! 

Go renewed! Go Stiky! 🌠

Julia Ryan Music EcoStik™

Stik N Stuk created an EcoStik™ for Julia Ryan with a vintage look in mind to match Julia's music and clothing line. Through music and thrifted up-cycled clothing, Julia Ryan explores the conversation of our own humanity and our connection to the earth. Not only making music that reflects different aspects of the human experience but also recycling old/damaged clothing to create trendy, creative, and wearable art. Bringing the conclusion to a full circle that we are all connected as a human race and to the earth through compassion, understanding, and empathy. Rediscovering love for ourselves, for others, and the earth through music, hand curated thrift, and up-cycled fashion.


Alison Kasyjanski-Soens Artist EcoStik™ and Backing Card

Alison Kasyjanski-Soens, artist and graphic designer uses her custom EcoStiks™ and backing cards to promote, market, sell and distribute her work in a unique, eco-friendly, and accessible format. 

Raised by the Atlantic ocean and presently living along the Pacific coast, nature has always held a strong place in her heart. She is inspired constantly by the beauty seen on this planet and the wonder of what lies beyond our universe. The ability to share my works with others and leave a positive impression is my greatest delight.

“No rules in art”



Holiday Pet Photo Stocking Stuffer EcoStik™

Spreading a little surprise holiday cheer, we had fun working with Mrs. Claus to create custom photograph EcoStiks™ of the family dogs. These Ecostiks™ were used as stocking stuffers and to distribute to their pet loving friends and family for a special holiday treat. We even heard back from a happy Mrs. Claus, the kids loved having them to put on their backpacks and water bottles for school. Santa got Stiky this year!

Coastal Self Defense Academy EcoStik™

Stik N Stuk partnered with the Coastal Self Defense Academy to provide unique, custom EcoStiks™ made from recycled water bottles for their next fundraiser. 

Empower. Inspire Enable. Coastal Self Defense Academy’s mission is to provide free self defense strategies to at-risk communities with a focus on teaching mental and physical skills and proactive strategies that enhance self-esteem through self-reliance.  For more info and to donate:

Unite to Light EcoStik™ and Backing Card

Stik N Stuk worked with Unite to Light to make eco-friendly, vibrant custom EcoStiks™ in support of their You Light the Night 5K fundraiser. 

Unite to Light is dedicated to providing low-cost solar light and power to those without electricity across the globe. For more info visit

Walk Strong Bay Area EcoStik™ and Backing Card

Stik N Stuk created unique, eco-friendly, vibrant Custom EcoStiks™ and backing cards for Walk Strong Bay Area’s Bunco Night Fundraiser.

Walk Strong Bay Area was established in 2018 by a determined team of walkers committed to raising money for the detection, treatment and cure of breast cancer.

Walk Strong Bay Area partners with community non-profit breast cancer health organizations that provide support to people from diagnosis to recovery, one step at a time. For more info or to donate visit: